Erin O'Brien
Amnesty International | Former Country Specialist, Uganda

Education: University of Toledo. B.A. in African Studies/International Law; M.A.: Rural Development/African Studies (in progress). Received certification as a Development and Relief Worker from Oxfam. Research includes, 'Post-War Re-Development in East and Southern Africa', 'A War by Any Other Name: Apartheid in Southern Africa & the Conßict in Northern Ireland', 'Uganda's Re-Construction: 1986-1996.' Relief worker in refugee camps since 1981 in Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda with Oxfam, Operation Hunger/South Africa, and other organisations. >continued



Neil Abramson
Film Director, "Soldier Child"

A South African living in the US since his teens. Abramson's work has an outsiders approach that combines sensitivity and vision. BOB SMITH USA, AbramsonÕs new feature length documentary, is his latest reflection on society and culture. The film is a unique, poignant and often hilarious view of the United States as seen through the eyes of seven men named Bob Smith.

Neil Abramson leads the double life of a successful commercial director and an indie feature filmmaker. High-profile campaigns for clients like Merril Lynch, Cadillac, and Nike have afforded Neil the opportunity to give voice to his real passion: creating films that explore the human condition and psyche. >continued